Adobe EchoSign

adobe echosignAdobe EchoSign’s sales had been improving, but they wanted to increase penetration of the enterprise market. In addition, the sales team ended up selling far too much on price and they wanted to emphasise the financial benefits of buying their solution. Ultimately, their key objective was to increase average deal size.

Shoodan designed a tailored training program focused on selling on value, as opposed to price. The first step was to interview members of the sales team to find out what issues they faced when dealing with customers. This allowed Shoodan to develop content that specifically addressed EchoSign’s needs. This meant that the team could quickly and easily engage with the training, understanding how the new approaches could be built into their daily routines.
The key focus was on educating the team on how to uncover the true business value their solution would deliver and how best to communicate this to the end customer. This included using an ROI model to quantify the tangible benefits for each customer, allowing EchoSign to overcome the inevitable pricing discussion by emphasising the net impact of buying their solution.
The final and arguably most important element, was to convince Management to modify its CRM system to include fields for identifying individual customer value and to build in value based discussions into regular 1-2-1’s with the sales team. These two changes were vital if the business wanted to drive real behavioural change.
The net result was that sales based on price decreased and average deal sizes increased, as the sales team became much more comfortable selling on value. Enterprise sales also increased, since it was invariably easier to increase overall customer value when the EchoSign solution was applied across the whole enterprise and not just a single division.

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