hansgroheShoodan recently completed a strategic project for Hansgrohe looking at their Customer Service offering. We worked at all levels of the business and got close to the Hansgrohe customers. Making a clean, unbiased analysis of customers’ needs allowed us to deliver true insight into the real issues facing them. We and were able to work on innovative steps that Hansgrohe could take on striding forward in their customer services operations.

Significantly, we worked to instil a sense of urgency throughout the project that ensured results and built a momentum of positive change. Cultural shifts in how businesses view change and improvement is a key element of the work we do with themĀ  and we do our best to ensure that improvements take root, allowing companies to continue to grow.

Shoodan wants clients to feel that they are empowered and enthused to maintain techniques and strategies they have acquired, rather than dusting them off only when problems occur, or when a fix is needed.

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