Bid Process

Improve Your Win Rate on Major Bids/Tenders

How Do You Increase Bid Win Rates?

For companies involved in major pitches or formal bids, there are a number of challenges to be faced:

  • How do you increase your win rate?
  • How do you become more effective in the way you manage bids?
  • How do you avoid being drawn in to bids which soak up high levels of internal resource with a low chance of winning?

At Shoodan, we have years of expertise managing bids across a wide range of markets, including public and private sector. Bids managed and won range from contracts worth tens of thousands of pounds to multimillion point contracts, so we know what we are talking about.


We have developed two workshops to help improve your bid management. Both will show you how to:

  • Properly qualify bids, so you only go after the ones you have a good chance of winning
  • Professionally qualify the opportunity with the client, so you have the best possible understanding of what their specific needs are. This will allow you to create an offer that mirrors the client’s requirements
  • Develop a bid strategy, so everyone involved knows their role, and how you are going to frame your response
  • Develop an efficient bid process
  • Manage the bid, both from an internal point of view, but also with the client
  • Review performance on an on-going basis, identify areas of weakness and continually improve

Workshop 1: “Bid Fundamentals is a one day workshop covering all of the points listed above.

Workshop 2: “Advanced Bid Management is a two day, residential workshop that expands on “Bid Fundamentals” by putting attendees into a role play bid process. You will be asked to respond to an imaginary bid; and will be drip fed information throughout the session. There will be an opportunity to ask “the client” questions, and the Workshop will culminate in a formal bid presentation. This workshop will put the learnings from “bid fundamentals” into a real and fluid context, illuminating some real world pitfalls and showing your team how to overcome them.

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