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How to drive the right behavioural change and make it stick.

Sales Training

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Our objective is to help you increase your profitable sales. This includes helping your sales team to improve their ability to win business.

We believe very strongly in the benefits of consultative (or solution) selling. That is, listening to what your prospective customers’ issues and needs are, then coming up with a suitable solution to meet these needs.

Traditional product sales people tend to lead with product/service features and benefits, telling the prospect how great it is and what it can do for their business. However, to be truly effective, sales people must first understand the customers’ motivations, so they can sell more effectively – or actually walk away more quickly, having realised that there is not a good fit.

Shoodan has a range of training packages to fit your needs. These have been developed over many years and like all of our work, are based on real world experience, as opposed to pure theory.

Our Consultants are not professional trainers, they are business professionals that can train. They have been in many of the customer situations that you or your team have and can draw on countless “war stories” to bring examples to life and quickly gain the credibility of the audience.

We offer standard, off the shelf packages that we have already built or can provide tailored courses to specifically meet your needs. The latter can include complex role play scenarios to put your team into similar situations to those they might find themselves in with a real prospect – these are great for providing more of a “real world” feel and can also help you to assess individuals’ performance. 

Whichever option you choose, we will advise you how best to embed any changes into your normal sales process. This is imperative if you really want to change behaviours in the long term. After all, how many times have you seen Trainers come in, run a good course, but a few months later it has all been forgotten? At Shoodan, we will help to ensure that your investment gets the return you were looking for.

Examples of our off the shelf packages are shown below.

Consultative Selling

A two day course covering:


  • The Sales Process
  • Overcoming objections
  • How to qualify opportunities
  • Creating a Return on Investment
  • How to manage opportunities
  • How to stay ahead of the competition

Sales Team Management

A two day course covering:


  • Defining the Sales Process
  • Managing the Sales Pipeline
  • How to spot problems and how to fix them
  • What key things to monitor and why
  • How to assess if your team has a good handle on their deals
  • How to focus your team and improve their performance

Lead Generation

A one day course covering:

  • Understanding your market
  • Understanding your proposition and messaging
  • How to target and communicate with prospective customers
  • How to manage leads when you get them
  • How to monitor success
  • How to justify the investment in lead generation

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